Welcome to our company. We are delighted to have you peruse our website for any services, products, and information that may be of interest to your healthcare business and we look forward to any potential partnership. SynerImages Healthcare Consulting, LLC (SHC) started from a need that providers and provider groups have to acquire fair and mutually equitable contracts with payors, including Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurers and to operationally comply with requirements from those payors. Additionally, with all the new requirements for managed care insurers and health care providers to keep up with in the post-ACA era, and now the reality of sweeping AHCA changes after anticipated US Senate adjustments to the House bill, we function as a one-stop shopping healthcare business consultancy to bring comfort to providers worried about inconsistently changing rules. We are happy to provide you with further information about our services and a free initial assessment of your needs. Thank you for visiting our environment.

SynerImages Healthcare Consulting, LLC has been serving the healthcare and managed care communities since 1996, specializing in startup operations, Medicare/Medicaid and industry certifications, compliance assessments and development, payor contracting/negotiations, billing/financial strategies, and other general operational consulting for ancillary providers such as Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (OPTs), Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (CORFs), Home Health Agencies, applied behavioral analysis (ABA) facilities, and traditional providers such as physician, nurse practitioner, and physician assistants (PA) practices, ambulatory, surgical, and general hospital facilities, and managed care payor organizations.

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to offering you our services. We are pleased to introduce our service portfolio and be available to answer any questions you may have.

Providing Services

  • Outpatient therapy, acute care, provider practice, skilled nursing, applied behavioral analysis facilities, and hospital facility setups, operations, compliance, eHR-CS development, turn-key solutions, and optimized payor contracting.
  • Marketing development to acquire, sustain, and improve payor contract and patient census stability for providers.
  • Contract fee analysis, negotiations, and optimization for providers and payors (OptimburseTM).
  • Managed care risk strategy development for hospitals, physician groups, and independent provider associations (IPAs).
  • Consulting services to apply for a CMS facility accreditation (surveyed by an Accrediting Organization – AO) and National Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility Accreditation (NORFA) certification for OPTs, CORFs, general rehabs, and Texas state HCSSA home health agencies.
  • IPA startups, compliance, and turn-key solutions.
  • Consulting and operations services for clinical boards, industry certification, state, and federal regulatory compliance.
  • Healthcare business strategies utilizing neo-SWOT (landscape), PESTEL, SOAR, SCORE, NOISE, TOWS, VRIO (value), and Agile-Lean Six-Sigma methodologies and analytics, pro forma development, and customized business plans.
  • Policies and procedures operations manual set for healthcare businesses.
  • Clinical program operations statistics and analytics (program statistics).
  • Healthcare risk analytics (Quantum Decision Research LLC).
  • Biomedical equipment inspections, repairs, and calibrations (SynerImages Biomed, Inspections, LLC).
  • Therapist network development (Collaborative Therapy Network)
  • electronic health records and clinical support (eHR-CS) development and consulting (Quantum Decision Research, LLC)

Upcoming events

12th SynerImages National Therapy Rehabilitation Facility Conference
July 14 and 15, 2017, San Marcos Convention Center, San Marcos, Texas