Policies and Procedures Binder Set

SynerImages produces a customized nine (9) manual binder set of operational policies and procedures for a healthcare business entity – consisting of the following:

  1. Master binder – policies and procedures that describe services provided at a healthcare facility, including policies for preventing infection and promoting patient safety and all Federal and State required forms and postings.
  2. Clinical training binder – clinical training on all policies and procedures from the Master binder.
  3. Administrative training binder – administrative training from the Master binder.
  4. HIPAA/HITECH binder – HIPAA/HITECH training and forms, updated for 2017 requirements, including CD for employee training tests and business associate agreement template.
  5. Personnel operations manual – job descriptions, employee handbook template, organization template for employee files, required background checks and in-services.
  6. SDS binder – Safety Data Sheets (formerly known as MSDS) for guidance in identifying areas that contain toxic chemicals used in facility operations and for emergency due diligence.
  7. Compliance binder – contains state and federal rules and regulations that apply to the facility type.
  8. Maintenance binder – documents management of equipment and cleaning.
  9. Committee meeting binder – description of required in-service meetings such as policy review, infection control, and board meetings.
  10. OIG site survey compliance binder – required policies and procedures to follow and present to the auditing TMHP (or OIG, if required) representative during an ACA-required site visit for Medicaid licensure.

The manuals are also made available online on your own encrypted private cloud folder.