Rehab Facilities

For OPT/STs (ORFs), CORFs, and General Rehabs:

Identify areas requiring improvement and provide any subsequent corrective actions and implementation in order to maintain State and Federal compliance requirements while enhancing operational efficiency and profitability.

We offer business review, implementation, and compliance services to Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (OPT/ST-ORFs), Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation facilities (CORFs), General Rehabs, and physician clinics providing therapy services, including, but not limited to:

  • Rehabilitation facility and department start-ups
  • Addition of home health agency state licensure services to complement office clinical revenue for OPTs, CORFs, and General Rehabs
  • OPT/ST and CORF policy and procedure manuals
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) facility start-ups and policies and procedures
  • Mock site survey audits and reporting
  • On-going facility compliance, clinical chart reviews, and audit services
  • Assistance in responding to initial or re-certification state survey citations
  • Compliance committee management services for OPT/STs and CORFs
  • Analysis, implementation, and negotiation stratagem for insurance contracting with managed care payer programs for rehabilitation facilities
  • Consulting assistance with software selection for billing, credentialing management, payer fee analysis, productivity analysis and therapy eHRs
  • In-service and educational programs for staff of OPT/STs, CORFs, and General Rehabs
  • Program and utilization statistics and analytics
  • Contract fee analysis
  • Preparation for site survey and accreditation and NORFA certification